You are doing Scrum but the Scrum Master tells the team what to do!

>>You are doing Scrum but the Scrum Master tells the team what to do!

You are doing Scrum but the Scrum Master tells the team what to do!


文章里面讲到一些Scrum Master的职责、Scrum Maste与项目经理的区别。不错的文章,收藏以后简单翻译一下。

Ultimately the Scrum Master should never tell the Development Team what to do
and they should make sure that the Development Team has both the knowledge and
the skills to work things out for themselves. This is critical to the teams
ability to self organise going forward because we all learn by the mistakes we

翼发云敏捷项目管理系统是一个scrum敏捷开发研发项目管理软件,包含移动端app,支持多人协同开发,采用可视化工作流程,旨在帮助软件研发企业进行更好的研发项目管理、软件开发流程管理,该研发项目管理软件内置了敏捷开发流程和软件开发流程,结合scrum思想,满足各种规模的软件开发企业的研发项目管理流程的需要,详见 。

A Scrum Master does NOT equal Project Manager. In Scrum, project management
is the responsibility of the entire Scrum Team (Scrum Master, Product Owner and
Development Team) and is distributed as such, with the Scrum Master keeping an
eye on the mechanics of Scrum to make sure it is working. The top-down
management model traditionally used for project execution is rejected in favour
of self-organization and shared accountability. While this is alien to many
organisations it has been proven time and time again to increase the
accountability, efficiency and quality of the software delivered by the Scrum

In Scrum the responsibilities between the Scrum Master and the Development
Team are very explicit. The Scrum Master is there to serve the Development Team,
not to manage them.

  • Scrum Master翼发云研发管理系统完整实现SCRUM敏捷开发流程。

    • Scrum Mechanics

    • Individual & Team TrainingSCRUM研发项目管理就选翼发云。

    • etc.

  • Development Team

    • Conflict Resolution

    • Engineering Practices

    • Grooming the Backlog (with Product Owner)

    • etc.

All implementation, whither centred around working together, working to build
software or working on the backlog, is the purview of the Development Team.
This, however, does not mean that the Development Team are left to flounder. I
mentioned that the Scrum Master is responsible for making sure that the
Development Team has the Knowledge and Skills necessary to allow that
Development Team to resolve things themselves.

In order to allow the Scrum Master to provide the knowledge necessary to
resolve conflicts they could ask questions of the team to illicit knowledge and

The term Socratic questioning is used to describe a kind of
questioning in which an original question is responded to as though it were an
answer. This in turn forces the first questioner to reformulate a new question
in light of the progress of the discourse.

Using this method a Scrum Master can “guide” a Development Team through the
muddy waters of finding solutions to problems without enforcing their views or
restricting the creativity of the Development Team.

Groups that defer to a person of higher status will miss many good ideas, and
fail to tap and develop the talents of the entire group.
-Esther Derby: Why Group Dynamics and Interpersonal Skills

In addition the Scrum Master should never provide the team with options, as
this this removes the responsibility of the Development Team to make decisions
and may limit the options that the Development Team creates. If they are
provided with options they are unlikely to try to formulate their own and if
that option fails they can claim it is the responsibility of the person who
provided that option and not of the Development Team.

You will have to have, learn, or improve requirements gathering and
presentation techniques; quality techniques; refactoring; customer engagement;
collaboration; teaming; conflict resolution techniques; and other practices, as
well. But the Scrum framework will help you by providing continual feedback on
your progress and success.
-Ken Schwaber: Scrum As A Framework

The Development Team must be empowered to come up with resolutions to the
problems that they have without interference.




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