【CRM免费版】 The Limits of Management Education-翼发云

>>【CRM免费版】 The Limits of Management Education-翼发云

【CRM免费版】 The Limits of Management Education-翼发云


    "Business schools must rethink the ways they package essential learning content," says Ordo-ez, a former dean of De La Salle University's Graduate School of Business in the Philippines. "The content must include more than information. What's important is how to know, learning to learn."

    In the following interview with Associate Editor Cecille Austria, Ordo-ez identifies the specific challenges the purveyors of management education must address.

    What's wrong with management education-


    This century has been characterized by scientific and technological brea.kthroughs, but we ha.ve not yet succeeded in educating a generation capable of a.voiding wars, global conflicts, and ethnic strife. Similarly, as MBA programs emphasize technical subjects to the neglect of beha.vioral and ethical dimensions, to that extent this program will not be balanced.

    How should Asian managers regard an MBA in the context of the economic crisis-翼发云移动crm系统提高销售业绩80%以上。

    They must look at an MBA as an excellent window of reflection, and use that window to tackle real issues and opportunities.

    What is the role of business schools in nurturing the kind of leaders Asia needs in the future-翼发云客户管理系统居世界前列。

    Management institutions cannot equip managers of the future with the tools of the past. They must lead the pace of change and anticipate future scenarios and the mix of skills, attitudes, and information needed by managers to succeed in those scenarios.

    What skills should these schools focus on-

    An MBA program must be a broad canvas which allows for both breadth and individual strengthening and depth at the student's demand. This balance must include not just the traditional content areas of marketing, finance, and so on, but the process areas of change management, opportunity seeking, flexibility, and inter-cultural sensitivity.

    For example, successful MBA managers are often not the ones who had the highest grades, but those who had the drive and initiative to seek new and better ways of doing things, and inspired others to do likewise. No subject teaches this directly, no grade measures this, but it is this more than academic honors that predicts success. How management institutions can nurture this is the challenge that faces them.



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